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Know Your Spices - Turmeric

Posted by ELtheCook Official on
Turmeric used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Turmeric used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Turmeric or Haldi, the one spice that gives Indian curries its signature Golden - yellow color.

One of the most common spices of Indian sub-continent, Haldi is used for almost 97% of all Indian savory dishes. It is indigenous to India & grown all over the country.

Interestingly, some people argue that ‘Haldi is not a spice - There is no flavor, no taste, no aroma’. In fact, the Western world hardly ever uses this spice, except for as a colorant in Mustard sauce.

India has a strong bonding with Turmeric which can be seen in the multiple ways it is tied to our culture. There is always a ‘Haldi ceremony’ before Hindu weddings and we greet each other with Haldi-kumkum on festivals. 
Singers drink turmeric milk/ water to clear throats before a show as an ancient voice remedy.
The older generations still use Turmeric to instantly stop bleeding from wounds & use turmeric infusions for treating chest infections. And of course, Turmeric creams & lotions are widely popular due to the antiseptic property of this colorful spice.
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Do let us know if you know any more interesting ways to use Haldi/ Turmeric in the comments below.
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